A set of pens dedicated to the history and greatness of Britain. The models have rings of 3mm wide. These are the first of the design series which are the basis of all further models after a lot of experimenting. Via this I'm expressing the appreciation of the the British heritage. I will add more series later like this for the Roman Era and the Celts, but also related to the railways, and if I can make the designs I'm planning for music. The list is virtually endless, it's only a matter of time to make them all.

This is made remember the hard work of the people in The North East and it's heritage,

It first of all reflects the colours of the Duke of Northumberland, but most people see this and think 'footbal!'. Yet these are actually ancient colours of the Northumbrian Tartan (it is also known as a shepherds tartan), I added the more recent sample. We have in the family, on my wife's side, an older version of this ancient shepherd tartan which is black and soft yellow. It was used to carry a lamb wrapped against the body. I have no idea when it changed to black/white.

Made from high-end black European stock with white rings from Conway Stewart stock.

The white Casein is water sensitive, don't submerge or keep wet to long. Lightly cleaning with damp cloth is no issue.

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