Coal Miners Pen

This is to remember the Coal Miners who made the industrial revolution possible with their blood and tears digging their way in the deep dark coal faces. It created finely knit communities of people helping each other under enormous hardship.

The work costed many lives and they the wages were poor. By the time the safety, wages and living conditions improved, the Government made them all non-employed causing bloody protests. Even today communities are still suffering from the backlash in the eighties.

Coal Miners Pen #2

Made from high-end black European stock (PMMA) and Conway Stewart Red. The end have a brass inlays.

This is 14cm long and ⌀15.8mm.

Made from high end quality stock, I can this with sizes 13.5mm (elegant) and ⌀15.5mm or ⌀15.8 (sturdy)

I'm planning to make two more. Get in contact if this one is sold and you want to order one.

#1 is my own pen.

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