GDPR Policy

Data storage

PS Powerful Signature only stores information related for the purpose of site and shop record keeping such as name and address for billing and shipping, buying activities and related emails and or comments.

Purchase data is only kept for a few months on the site to a maximum of a year, when there is no longer need to store this, the date at Squire Up is used as final record.

Financial transactions are managed via SquareUp, nothing is stored except transaction ID's. No personal information will be shared with other parties other then with SquareUp as a consequence of a financial transaction. Your bank details are not stored on the site, they are only used during the transaction.

No any SQL database content is exchanged with third parties or stored on third party servers such as cloud servers, backups are all secured using high level encryption.

Your IP is recorded but cannot be guaranteed this relates to you as it can be a dynamic IP address, however, other identifiable data may be send by your provider.

Spammers, hackers and fraud attempts may be identified via IP addresses and recorded solely for the protection of the business and for legal protection of the site and other registered users.

Marketing Data

Some metric data is shared with Google Analytics for the purpose of site performance measuring and improvements. PS Powerful Signature does not use pixel-tracking data methods.

Monitoring Safety

The site is monitored for the purposes of site attacks and data breaches. Files containing logs can be retained to support this process and as evidence.

PS Powerful Signature has to right and duty to protect itself against bots, fake administrations and attempt to hack the systems. IP address can be checked to assure they are not addresses from bots, hackers or anyone else with purposes other than being a genuine person who is interested in products and/or a buyer.

Secure Site Access

The site is from start to end SSL encrypted and the details can be checked with the SSL provider.
The site has a second address which also can be used to access the site.

Using your rights

Whenever you want to use any right as explained in GDPR then you must show legal proof that you are the customer on the site or customer of PS Powerful Signature in general, for instance as buyer on a fair. Abuse of this rule will be reported as an attempt of fraud or data theft.

Rights to be removed

You have the right to ask your details to be removed such as any comments placed and emails, and requests to close your account as long this does not impede legal requirements to retain your data as legal evidence but must comply with 'Using Your Rights'.

You should be aware that after completing a financial transaction some information will exist for ever such as bank transaction records or for tax purposes.

You can also update/remove your registrations details yourself when you have created an account on PS Powerful Signature.

Rights to your records

You have the right to ask a copy of anything stored related to your own account and activities on PS Powerful Signature but must comply with 'Using Your Rights'.

Non EU customers

Accessing the business PS Powerful Signature from outside the zone governed by GPDR gives you the same rights and protection but you still must comply with 'Using Your Rights'.

Anonymous Access

Paying as an anonymous user does in no wise mean you are anonymous, the only difference is that you do not create a personal user account. All your personal details are still recorded whenever you populate any personal information field.

Anonymous details stored not related to buying, i.e. abandoned carts and personal data not used for the checkout, will be frequently removed, usually each month but no longer than 3 months.

Customers of PS Powerful Signature

Customers buying in person like on fairs have the same rights as mentioned above.