Planned Designs

New Designs

"The design variation of pens are virtually endless, but there only a few that are timeless and become valuable pieces."

In the coming months I hope to start with a few additional designs and all are based on places in Britain which somehow reflected in the pen styles. The design group is visible by the rings settings.


Cornwall, Alba and Dorset added and I will make a few more variations in these themes.

Britain a style mainly in black but with metal accents.

Gaelic a plain style with woven or coil treads to reflect a variant of Gaelic style.

Roman to remember the Roman Army in Britain 2000 years ago

Cumbria based on the moody colours of the Lake District

Thematic: to celebrate the UK industry and services.

Master pens with wire rather than rings.

Have you seen a style on the website you like but in a different variation? Then contact me via the contact page.