Planned Designs

New Designs

"The design variation of a pen is virtually endless, but there only a few that are timeless and become valuable pieces."

In Progress...

Dorset a light fresh design with metal rings with coloured ends.

Alba a one type of material only with metal rings, warm and themed on Scotland's colours


In the coming months I hope to start with a few additional designs and all are based on places in Britain which somehow reflected in the pen styles.

Cornwall bright design with ends that are colourful rather then black

Britain a style mainly in black but with metal accents.

Gaelic, a plain style with woven or coil treads to reflect a variant of Gaelic style.

Roman to remember the Roman Army in Britain 2000 years ago

Thematic: to celebrate the UK industry and services.

Have you seen a style on the website you like but in a different variation? Then contact me via the contact page.