"The best service one can give to a buyer is making a product that is so good it that doesn't need to be serviced."


So what's it then about?

It's about offering options to buy ready made or bespoke designs, low maintenance products, easy to clean and a stronger body (wall) to make them more durable.

This depends on the availability of the materials. Some are very rare and I can only get just enough to make a small edition.

I specialize in desk pen designs breaking the mold a bit going away from the traditional pen designs. Most of my designs have no clip. These styles could be called minimalist utilitarian designs, show pieces to express oneself.

JoWo Nibs are my preferred nibs, they are very well made. Other Nib brands can be used but this is on request or for special quality reasons. The special Nibs, like 'dolphins' and gold or metallic gold painted nibs are extremely expensive, well made and very attractive for pens which are in the region of the thousand mark and more.

Bespoke Designs

Maybe you like specific design or material, I have a large range of stock colours available.

Pop-up Shop

Occasionally I have a fair and can organize a place to meet, mainly in the North East of the UK, but plain to venture further out. I hope one day to have enough to go to a few UK Pen show's and shows dedicated to luxury goods.


Only designs made by myself are serviced, I can supply new nibs and tanks. Pens are made to last, so besides possible scratches which, if not too bad, this can be repaired. They should be fine for many decades when used with care.

General Service

There are things I don't do like replicating or repairing vintage pens and those made by others. There are still a few small but very good companies servicing the thousands of models all with their own materials and technical designs. Some specialize in high end quality repairs and have many years of experience is this. So for special needs, find one that is excellent in your brand.

Personalized Engravings

I do not offer personalized engraving such as text and symbols, all decorative designs are specifically my own styles and designs.