"PS Powerful Signature was created to share the passion of real handmaking making fountain pens."

The history

PS Powerful Signature was established on 1 January 2017 after a year of experimenting with pen making.

My name is Rob van Nigtevecht, Artisan Fountain Pen Designer and owner of PS Powerful Signature.

I always loved fountain pens, watches and old machines for the shear beauty and elegance like the rose engines or Guilloché lathe's which are incredible complicated machines for creating instruments and engraving. Some still exist and are worth a fortune.

One day I decided it is now or never to make things myself, for the joy of writing, scribbling and drawing with ink, which I do a lot with great pleasure. This gives a kind of peace which writing on a computer just cannot offer.

To celebrate the humble pen and ink, which gives us more than we think, I started to make them myself and wondered if it is for me possible to make them from raw materials, without buying pen parts and that is possible.  The Nibs and converters are sourced, there are far too complex industrial processes involved to make and using standard parts for and using standard parts assures availabilty world wide.

And the plan is to keep doing this for a good 20 years, providing people with good quality writing tools.

'Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book! That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever!" Job 19:23
He lived around 4000 years ago in the days of Abraham as a king and high priest in the land of Uz and the city he lived in was later called Jerusalem
Controry to what many think, the ancient people used ink and wrote on documents, used clay and stone for long lasting messages, duplicating much to spread the new where needed. They recorded the lives of Kings but also business and transactions and scientific explorations.

Writing is an thousands of years old practise and still despite the computer and email a cherished way of sending a personal message or to write in diaries, contemplating ideas. The fountain pen is now also more often used to draw with. People make stunning paintings in notebooks, just for pleasure to enjoy the scribbling. I hope you will also discover the old and romantic pleasure of writing or the art of drawing.